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Customize Company Logo

Geromail Corporate WebAdmin offers you to upload your own company logo for display the the webmail logon screen.

To install a corporate logo, here's the guidelines:

  1. Create a logo image in either JPG or GIF format. The image size should be 200 by 50 pixels
  2. Login to WebAdmin.

  3. Click on the Domains link on the left navigation pane.

    Webadmin domain
  4. From the domain list pane on the right, click on the Logo button.

    Webadmin logo
  5. Click the Browse... button to select a logo image from the harddisk:

    Webadmin logo image
  6. Navigate through your harddisk and select the image file and click Open to upload.

  7. Click on the Update button to save the change.

  8. End of guide.

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