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Domain Availability

Before registering for a domain name, you need to check that the desired domain name is still available. Almost all the 'good' domain names for .com have been taken up. For country level domain name, most of them are still available.

Seeing a website showing the 'The page cannot be displayed' message does not necessary mean that domain name is available; it could be that the domain owner have not engaged any hosting service.

To check for domain availability, you will need to query the Internet WhoIS server for ownership of the domain. if there is no ownership of the domain, this domain name is available for registration.

You can check the WhoIS server for any domain name below:

Domain name:http://www.

If your desired domain name has not be registered, proceed to look for a domain hosting service which normally offers domain name registration at a discounted price.

However, if you prefer, though not recommended, to register the domain name on your own, proceed to domain name registration.

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