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Domain Registration

Domain names ending with .aero, .biz, .com, .coop, .info, .museum, .name, .net, .org, or .pro can be registered through many different companies (known as "registrars") and resellers that compete with one another.

Domain names ending with two letter domains, such as .uk, .de, .jp, .sg. etc. are country specific. Designated list of registrars are available at

Registration requires various contact and technical information. The registrar will then keep records of the contact information and submit the technical information to a central directory known as the "registry." This registry provides other computers on the Internet the information necessary to send you e-mail or to find your web site.

If you would like to register your domain name through Geromail, here's the link:

Geromail offers free registration and transfer of domain names with value-added services of handling the technical issues of registration.

Will my name and contact information be publicly available?

Information about who is responsible for domain names is publicly available to allow rapid resolution of technical problems and to permit enforcement of consumer protection, trademark, and other laws. The registrar will make this information available to the public on a "WhoIS" site.

You may register a domain in the name of a third party, as long as they agree to accept responsibility.

Validity Period of Registration

Registration and renewal is offered in one-year increments, with a total registration period limit of ten years.

Cost of Registration

Each registrar sets the price it charges for registering names, and prices vary significantly among different registrars. In addition, some registrars offer discounted or free registration services in connection with other offerings, such as web hosting.

Domain registration costs at are as follows:

Domain Name Registration
for 1 Year
No Hosting Plan Basic HostingAdvanced HostingGold Hosting
.com .net .org .biz .info .name .us .ws S$20.00 S$20.00 S$0.00 S$0.00
.tv S$60.00 S$60.00 S$40.00 S$40.00 S$35.00 S$35.00 S$25.00 S$25.00 S$55.00 S$55.00 S$45.00 S$45.00

Change of Registrars

You may change the registrar sponsoring your domain name (60 days after initial registration.) For details on the transfer process, contact the registrar you would like to assume sponsorship of the registration.

Resellers of Registrars

Some of these accredited registrars offer their services through resellers, which may provide value-added assistance in completing the registration process. Your registration contract, however, will be with the accredited registrar and that registrar will maintain your contact information.

Register your Domain Name now

Proceed to register your domain name at

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