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Email Client Setup

It's more convenient to check your emails stored on your computer and file important emails on sub-folders for future reference.

Message retrieval can be accomplished with the help of email clients (Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Messenger, etc.).

Supported mail protocol (standards) for message retrieval are POP3,IMAP and HTTP.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) Mail is the most common mail access protocol that allows your email client to download your email messages to your computer so that you can read them later without being connected to the Internet. This feature is especially important if your connection time is chargeable.

POP3 mail works best for single computer offline access where messages are downloaded and then deleted from the mail server. This effectively ties the user to one computer for message storage and manipulation.

POP3 Mail settings in a glance:
Mail Server Type:POP3
Incoming mail (POP3) server:mail.<>
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:mail.<>
HTTP Mail settings in a glance:
Incoming Mail Server Type:HTTP
HTTP mail service provider:Other
Incoming mail server:
IMAP mail settings in a glance:
Incoming Mail Server Type:IMAP
Incoming mail server:mail.<>

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