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Export Contact List

You to export all the contacts in the webmail contacts folder into .CSV format (Commas Separated Values) from which you can import into email clients like Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, etc.

To export the contact list, here's the guideline:

  1. Login to webmail
  2. Click on Export Contacts button near the top of the screen

    Export contacts list
  3. Select a format for the export:

    • Comma Separated Values (.CSV)
    • Tab Separated Values
    • Excel Format
    Export contacts
  4. Select the application type for the export:

    • Outlook Express (default)
    • Microsoft Outlook
    This option affects the column name being used
  5. Click on the Export button to start the export process

  6. You will be prompted to Open or Save the exported file contacts.csv.

    Save export
    Select Save to save it to your harddisk, eg. C:\CONTACTS.CSV.
    Do take note of where you have save this exported file as it will be required later
  7. Click on the Close button to close the current window

  8. Proceed to import this import this exported file to your email clients:

    1. Import to Microsoft Outlook 97
    2. Import to Outlook Express 97
  9. End of guide.

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