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Opera 9.00 [IMAP]

IMAP is a mail access protocol that allows you to access and manage your mail from the server without downloading the mail.

IMAP Mail settings in a glance:
Incoming Server Type:IMAP
Incoming mail

Step-by-Step Guide

To setup a IMAP email access from Opera/9.00, here's the step-by-step guide:
  1. Launch Opera/9.00
  2. Click Tools, select Mail and chat accounts...

    Opera mail accounts
    Click Add... button
  3. Select IMAP as the kind of account. Click Next >

    Opera mail type
  4. Fill in your user details. Click Next >

    Opera user details
  5. Fill in your login name (same as your email address) and password. Click Next >

    Opera user login
  6. Fill in the mail server name. Both the incoming and outgoing mail server is mail.[YourDomainName], eg. if your domain name is

    Opera mail server
    Click Finish
  7. Click Close

  8. Click Mail, IMAP folders...

    Opera IMAP folders
  9. Enable the folder(s) that you want to synchronize with the server. Click OK

    Opera IMAP folders
  10. End of guide.

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