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Redirect Mailbox

You may choose to redirect your current email account to another, either within the same domain or a different domain. A common usage of this feature is for backup or storage on another email server.

Steps to redirect your email account:

  1. Login to webmail.
  2. Click on options button (near the middle top of screen)

  3. Click on Redirection tab near the top of the screen.

    Redirect email
  4. Fill in the existing email account to be redirected.

  5. Click to enable the Redirect mail to, clear the check mark to disable redirection.

  6. Enable Keep a copy in mailbox to keep a copy of the redirected messages in the original mailbox. Otherwise, the mail will be moved from the mailbox to the account selected for redirection.

  7. Click on the Update button to update the change.

  8. Click on the Close button to close the current window.

  9. End of guide.

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