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Restrict Email Space Quota

With Geromail Corporate WebAdmin, mail administrator can interactive administer user email accounts.

To limit the maximum amount of diskspace available to an existing mailbox (email account), here's the guidelines:

  1. Login to WebAdmin
  2. Click on the Mailboxes link on the left navigation pane.

    Webadmin mailboxes
    From the Mailboxes list pane on the right, click on the Edit button of the corresponding user account to be removed
  3. Click on the Mailbox tab.

    Webadmin mailbox
  4. At the Quota: prompt, key in the diskspace quota in kilobytes.

    Webadmin diskspace quota
    For example, a value of 200000 means 200Mb of diskspace is to be allocated to this account
  5. Click on the Update button to proceed.

  6. End of guide.

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