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Send Email

To send out an email, here's the guideline:

  1. Login to webmail
  2. Make sure your current folder selection is not the Contacts folder; otherwise, clicking the compose button will create a new contact rather than a new email

  3. Click on compose button (near the middle top of screen)

  4. Fill the necessary information for the email

    Send email
  5. If you have attachment to be send, click on the Attachments tab.

    Send email
  6. Click on the Browse... button to select the attachment filename

  7. Click on the Add button to upload the attachment for the email. This may take a while if your attachment size is large.

    Send email
  8. If you wish to have the 'Read Receipt' notification, click on the Options tab.

    Send email
    To have Read Receipt notification, enable the 'Notify me when this message is read' prompt.

    You can also change the priority (default is Normal) to high by selecting the priority from the drop-down list.
  9. Click on the Send button to send out the email now

  10. End of guide.

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