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Starting a Website

Since year 2000, the use Internet has started to explode. This is not surprising, considering the increasing availability of broadband, increasing bloggers and companies moving online.

With the increasing popularity of news feeds and blog sites, journalists are facing a new competition. At times, the news feed can offer more news worthy articles. Popular blog sites attract more readership than the daily newspaper circulation.

Website statistics:
Estimated number of websites for year 2007: 100 millions
Estimated number of webpages for year 2007: 30 billions
Estimated number of online users for year 2007: 1 billion

It's time now to give your business an online presence and possibly have a share of the estimated 1 billion global audience.

To start you own website, you will need a domain name and an hosting service for that domain name.

Steps to start your own website:
  1. Look for an available domain name
  2. Sign up for an domain hosting service that also offers domain name registration
  3. Upload your website design to the webserver
  4. Updating the website

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