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Website Design

After getting a hosting service for your domain name, the next immediate task is to come out with a website design.

Website design is normally not included in the hosting service.

Website design refers to the graphical layout of your website. The website design should incorporate navigational buttons and major webpage links on every single webpage. The reason for having this is that your visitors may go directly to your website sub page from search engine links or from saved bookmarks. Without the navigational links on every page, your visitor may be lost in the web maze.

For the navigational buttons, be consistent on every page so that your visitors do not have to spend time searching for them.

Somewhere in the middle of the design should be an empty space where you can update your content text.

Web Design Tools

If you have some designs in mind, you may design your own website. Take note that the whole world is able to see your website, so make sure is presentable.

There are also software tools available for creating your own web designs. Popular ones are:

  1. Microsoft Frontpage (free)
  2. Macromedia (require purchase)

These tools enable you to edit your website design, in a WYSIWYG format, a little similar to the use of Microsoft Words or PowerPoint. They have lots of ready-made website templates for you to choose from.

These tools are not difficult to use. A little fiddling with them will give you some understanding.

The use of these tools does not require any understanding of html, the basic language that your Internet browser understands. These tools will generate the required codes to show the design you have created.

If you have problems using these tools, consider attending a short crash course. With that extra little understanding, using them will not be a problem.

IMPORTANT: Do not download and use any images you see on the Internet, unless it is stated as public domain or free to use, as you may face legal issues for copyrights infringement.

Website Templates

If you prefer a quick start, possibly at a small cost, consider using a website template from the Internet, some are free while other can cost US$20 onwards.

These template contains all the necessary codes and images. You will need to update content texts with your own and they ready to be uploaded to your website. Free templates normally offer limited choices whilst the paid version offers a lot more varieties.

For a list of website template URLs, use Google to search for the keywords "website template".

Web Designers

For more professional looking website, engage a web designer. Most, if not all, designers are creative and can think out of the box, possibly giving your web design beyond your wildest imagination.

Typical design fees starts from US$50, depending on your requirements and how many pages.

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