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Website Setup

Your website URL is:

where [] is your registered domain name.

Diskspace available is 1Gb to 10Gb (depending on hosting plan and hosting options).

There's a default page INDEX.HTM on the website. You may use it as a template or change it entirely.

Website Update (FTP)

You may use FTP program to update your website.
Password:<FTP Password>
The following folders have been created on the hosting server:
Database folder:/db
Upload :/upload

A free FTP solution is FileZilla, a open source software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

You can download FileZilla at

Website Update (Browser)

At times, you may want to share some documents that are overly large to be send by email. You can upload your document to the web server with any browser:
  • Open your browser, click File, Open...
  • Type in your upload designated upload folder on the webserver:
  • Click to enable Open as Web Folder
  • Now the opened upload windows will operate like Windows Explorer. To upload files, simply drag files to this window. To delete, highlight a file and press the Del key.

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