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What to sell

You can sell practically any products or services online. However, certain products sell well online whereas certain products do not.

Basic guidelines for products not recommended to sell online:

  1. Merchandise not selling well in retail stores
  2. Merchandise with poor or inconsistent quality (no repeat sales)
  3. Flammable merchandise (will have problems with the customs)
  4. Heavy merchandise (high shipping cost to the shoppers)
  5. Fragile merchandise (costs incurred for damaged delivery)
  6. Foods, plants (will have problems with customs for certain countries)
  7. Products that requires detailed explanation and study

Basic guidelines for products to sell online:

  1. Products where you have a special source to get them at low cost
  2. Products that you can purchase in small quantities (low stockup cost)
  3. Products having local suppliers (low shipping cost)
  4. Unique or niche product that is not readily available in the market
  5. Digital product such as software programs, website design templates, ebook, etc. where no physical physical delivery is required

You can test your product market by posting them at auction sites like eBay and Yahoo. If you don't get any sales for a week or so, reconsider your product or revise your pricing.

Having a website does not necessary means you need to sell online (e-commerce). Many major businesses merely want an online presence. Informational website offers free information and forums. Blog sites offer free news feeds.

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