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  • Change Password

    You may change password periodically, to prevent theft of identity.

    As usual, you will need to retype your new password so as to prevent 'double-keys' in your password.

    Step-by-step guide to 'Change Password'

    1. Go to URL


      Click on the User login/Registration button near the top right corner.

    2. Fill in your email address (eg. and your password:

      Member Login / Registration

      Email Address
      Password * Minimum 3 digits/characters

      Login   Get password   New User   Cancel

      Click on the Login button.

    3. Upon successful login, you will see the member page:

      My Account
      Name:Your Name

      Current Session:
      • Continue shopping
      • Logoff
      Your Profile:
      • Edit Profile
      • Change Password Arrow
      • Terminate user account
      Transaction Data:
      • Order history
      • Gift Voucher

      Customer Information Protection

      Data Security: User information is kept securely in our highly encrypted and password-protected database.

      Data Privacy: We will not disclose, share, transfer, sell or rent personally identifiable information to any third party. Note that shipping address and contact number will be disclosed to our delivery service companies (UPS, Singpost) for the purpose of mail/courier delivery for an online purchase.

      Data Access: For any access to the database, the user IP address will be captured.

      Unauthorised Access: For any attempts to access the database not provided by the website interface, we reserve the rights to seek our ISP to trace the user based on the IP address of access. Legal action will be taken against such users found to attempt the unauthorised access. ;

      Click on the Change Password link.

    4. Provide your old password, new password and new password again:

       Change User Password
      Old Password
      New Password
      Retype Password * For verification
      Back to user account menu   Set to new password

      Click on the Update button.

    5. If the password change is successful, you will see a confirmation prompt:


      Click on the OK button.

    6. A notification email of the password request has been send to the registered email address. Check your email for the subject "GeroMail - change password".

    7. A sample of the notification email:

      Date:Monday, November 1, 2004 1:11 AM
      Subject:  GeroMail - change password
      Dear Nickname,
      Thank you for visiting

      You have requested a change in password
      Your user loginname is:
      Your new password is: xxxxx

      Being a register user, you can login to the website to change your password, terminate the account, check your order history and gift Voucher. Your name and shipping address information captured here can be used in the payment page during online purchase.

      Thank you for visiting for your email/domain hosting and antivirus solution needs. We hope you have a pleasant online shopping experience with us.

      Kindest Regards,
      Tel: +65.9827-5723
      Budget Email Hosting Solution
      AVG Antivirus Solution

      Domain Solution:
      Domain registration:
      AVG Antivirus::

      Note: If you have not requested a change in password, please notify to disable this account immediately and investigate.
    8. End of guide.

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