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  • How to Register

    GeroMail offers a member area for registered shoppers. What can you do upon login:

    • Change Password
    • Check your order history online. Delivery status is also updated online
    • Check online shopping vouchers transaction history
    • Edit and delete comments on product pages (adding of comments do not require registration)
    • Reuse your mailing address saved in the profile
    • Terminate user account

    Registration is free. We send periodic updates and announcement (once in few months) to registered users. Registered users may opt out from our mailing list by updating their user profile or send us an email.

    For the benefit of non-registered users, our newsletter history is available at the member login page:

    As always, we will not disclose, share, transfer, sell or rent personally identifiable information to any third party. See our Privacy policy.

    Note that placing an online order DO NOT require registration.

    Step-by-step guide to 'How to Register'

    1. Go to URL

      Click on the login/Registration button near the top right corner.

    2. Fill in your email address (eg. and a password (minimum of 3 characters/digits):

      Member Login / Registration

      Email Address
      Password * Minimum 3 digits/characters

      Login   Get password   New user   Cancel

      Click on the New User button.

    3. Retype your password to confirm:

      Member Login / Registration

      Password verification for new user account
      Retype Password

      I've retype my password; proceed to create my user account.   Cancel

      Click on the Create button.

    4. You will be presented with member login area:

      Member area

      Your may edit your user profile or view your order status, etc.

    5. In the same time, an email has been send to the registered email address. A sample of the confirmation email:

      Date:Monday, November 1, 2004 1:11 AM
      Subject:  New user registration
      Dear Shopper,
      Thank you for registering with

      Your Loginname is:
      Login password is: xxxxx

      Being a registered user, you may login to the website to:
      - Change password
      - Check online shopping voucher value
      - Check order (view order details, check shipping status, cancel pending order request)
      - Check order history
      - Update user profile (preferred name, mailing address, email updates options)
      - Terminate this registered account

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    6. Registration successfully completed.

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