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We stand by our guarantee and policies:

Information Security Policy

As a responsible business operator, we strive to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all customer data against errors, sabotage, fraud and breach of privacy.

We also strive to maintain the integrity of our information systems in order to ensure excellent service to our customers at all times.

All our staff, customers and suppliers who are users of the Company's information systems are responsible and accountable for the security of the information within their areas of responsibility.

Any unauthorised use or modification to the Company's information systems is a serious offence. We will take disciplinary or legal action against anyone who uses or modifies the Company's information systems without authorisation.

Registered user and order information

All user information and order details are captured in password encripted database. The whole database is encripted so that there is no clue for reverse-encription.

Credit Cards security

We do not capture credit cards number so there is no risk of information leakage to hackers. All credit processing are done directly at either Worldpay or Paypal secure server environment (https) with SSL 128-bit encryption technology.

In the unlikely event that anything happened with your credit card transaction, we would assume all liability. We'd work with your card company to cover any cost and minimize whatever hassle for you. Our commitment in this regard is total and unconditional. It's Guaranteed !

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