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Scam$fund 100720094902: [G-Spam] REF: DATE 10/09/2009

Here's a news blog on masquerading emails which are scams or phishing (identity theft) or are infected with worms/virus.

We didn//t send them; we merely publish what we have received, for the benefits of users who are not aware of Internet scams and identity theft.

Have an increased awareness to avoid being misled by scams and phishing. Inform your family member and friends not to fall for these scams.

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Email Classification: Scam$fund
From:"Wittmann Kamara" <> 
IP Address: (originates from ) 
Date:Tue, 20-Jul-2010 09:49:02 am 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Subject:[G-Spam] REF: DATE 10/09/2009 
From: Mr. Wittmann Kamara.

Dear Friend Greetings to you,

My name is Wittmann Kamara. I work in the bank as a clerk.As a clerk in the bank my position is very low but I have access to a lot of secret because I handle the bank's most sensitive files.On my duty recently I discovered $4million dollars in our bank escrow account with no beneficiary.
That means my bank has lost record of its owner.

I can give you the account information of the account and my bank contact so you can contact them and tell them you are the owner of the money so they should transfer it to your country's account.My bank will believe you because your proof is your ability to know the account details and my bank will transfer without questioning. After you get the money, we share equal.

I wait for your reply to my private email:


Wittmann Kamara.

This email is infected with Scam$fund

DO NOT OPEN the attachment . Do not response to the email. This email is not send by "Wittmann Kamara" <>.

About Scam$fund

This email is a scam, not a worm or virus. The email do not have any infected attachments.

The offer may sound tempting and looks worth taking a risk for the big reward. DO NOT fall into this scam.

If you reply, you will probably be asked to pay some US$100 to start off the fund transfer process. The excuse for requiring your payment is that the scammer themselves cannot be involved in any payment to avoid being caught linking the transfer. Of course, if you pay up the first time, you will be asked for further payments for other issues.

Once you become suspicious of them and ask many questions about the payment, they will stop responding the email and start looking for other victims.


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