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Scam$fund 100720154901: [G-Spam] Hello My Dear , try to read very well for this page

Here's a news blog on masquerading emails which are scams or phishing (identity theft) or are infected with worms/virus.

We didn//t send them; we merely publish what we have received, for the benefits of users who are not aware of Internet scams and identity theft.

Have an increased awareness to avoid being misled by scams and phishing. Inform your family member and friends not to fall for these scams.

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Email Classification: Scam$fund
From:"donatus sandre" <> 
IP Address: (originates from ) 
Date:Tue, 20-Jul-2010 03:49:01 pm 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Subject:[G-Spam] Hello My Dear , try to read very well for this page 
Hello My Dear , try to read very well for this page

I we like to use this medium to seek for your interest to assist me transfer my inheritant fund for a very lucrative investment over there in your country, see i have been praying and fasting for the past six months for God to lead me to a honest and loyal person who will truly assist me, for my life which was the reason why i went on a dry fasting for three days without food or drink for the holy spirit to direct me to contact a legitimate person who will have the fear of God to collect my inheritant fund deposited with Reserve Bank Plc on my behalf and invest the money in a good business so that i can start a new life with the person in his country and forget my sorrows.

Please listen to these very well, i have a substantial capital 29 (twenty Nine) million American dollars,this fund was made by my late beloved Father Dr Donatus through Gold and Diamond Export and he deposited it in Reserve Bank Plc..under my name as the next of Kin.

I have went through allot of torments here in the refugee camp, which is the reason why i need a perfect gentle person that i can front to collect my inheritance fund from the Bank on my behalf, the reason why i can't collect the money myself is because as a refugee i can't do any money transaction due to the UN refugee regulations.

To come about the inheritance fund deposit, my dad deposited the money in Reserve Bank Plc, recently my dad's attorney Barrister Ever Nicholas contacted me and told me of the deposit,he has sent me the probate order and the bank certificate which qualifies me to collect the money but he advised me to get a trust worthy person to stand as my guardian and partner to collect the funds since i do possess a refugee status that does not allow me to own any funds.

The Bank also told me that the fund has approve to release to me when i contacted them, that i have to look for a legitimate foreign partner who will stand as my legal trustee/representative before the fund could finally be release to me, that is against the law of the country for a refugee to have access of this kind of fund.

Please let me know if you can assist me to collect the funds from the bank so that i can give you the bank contact for you to contact them and tell them you are my partner so that they will release the money to you to enable me come and meet you in your country and invest the money in a real business for our future benefit.

So in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life and the money if people gets to know about it.

Please respond to me only if you are a honest person, i don't want a someone that will take my money and run away, i need someone that will be honest and have mutual understanding with true confidentiality.Please find a space in your heart to help me out and i know you will be happy in the rest of you life by helping me.Thanks and wait for your favourable respond.


This email is infected with Scam$fund

DO NOT OPEN the attachment . Do not response to the email. This email is not send by "donatus sandre" <>.

About Scam$fund

This email is a scam, not a worm or virus. The email do not have any infected attachments.

The offer may sound tempting and looks worth taking a risk for the big reward. DO NOT fall into this scam.

If you reply, you will probably be asked to pay some US$100 to start off the fund transfer process. The excuse for requiring your payment is that the scammer themselves cannot be involved in any payment to avoid being caught linking the transfer. Of course, if you pay up the first time, you will be asked for further payments for other issues.

Once you become suspicious of them and ask many questions about the payment, they will stop responding the email and start looking for other victims.


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