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Scam$biz 170720192042: [G-Spam] Transaction Proposal

Here's a news blog on masquerading emails which are scams or phishing (identity theft) or are infected with worms/virus.

We didn//t send them; we merely publish what we have received, for the benefits of users who are not aware of Internet scams and identity theft.

Have an increased awareness to avoid being misled by scams and phishing. Inform your family member and friends not to fall for these scams.

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Email Classification: Scam$biz
From:"Dr. Adnan Ertem" <> 
IP Address: (originates from ) 
Date:Thu, 20-Jul-2017 07:20:42 pm 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Subject:[G-Spam] Transaction Proposal 
Good day,

I have a business proposal of €37,999,983.00 for you. Reply to this email for more information

Best Regards.

This email is infected with Scam$biz

DO NOT OPEN the attachment . Do not response to the email. This email is not send by "Dr. Adnan Ertem" <>.


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