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Email Masquerade/Scam/Worm News (page 36)

Here's a blog on masquerading emails that are scams or phishing (identity theft) or are infected with worms/viruses.

In a masquerading email, the sender email shown is not the email of the actual sender (masquerade). The only way to confirm the sender email is to reply and request for a confirmation email.

This news report may help you to identify masquerading emails that are scams or phishing.

If you have received an email saying you have won millions in lottery or inheritance, do search some of their keywords here. If you can find them here, it's a SCAM !

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1051. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Will.
Wed, 05 Jun 2013 00:32:36 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Will. 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Good day,

I am Mr.Benedetto Biaggio,trained and working as an Account's Officer with the Unicredit Group Italy.I write to contact you about a foreign businessman/investor bearing the same name as yours,who passed away here in Italy over a decade ago,leaving behind an estate/capital of €12.8Million Euros with our Bank.

However,the investor died intestated,no next-of-kin,untill date nobody has came forward to lay any claim on this inheritance.I will be going on retirement soon and have decided to work with you to secure this inheritance.I have made serious findings and reserches over the years about this fund,with regard the possiblilities of someone coming up for this claim to no avail.Meaning,the fund will be lying down in the bank intil confiscation.I had to do all this findings to be double sure.If you are interested in cooperating with me,please kindly reply me at once through my private email with the following information below:


Upon hearing from you I will unfold all details and how we will commence with the transaction in which I have propose 20% offer for you.I strongly believe that my 20% offer is fine with you for us to proceed.I will be coming to see you immidiately after the trasfer is done for the sharing.

Best regards,
Mr.Benedetto Biaggio.
email:- bbenttoggio@webadicto.me 
1052. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Good day,
Wed, 05 Jun 2013 00:32:35 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Good day, 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Good day,
Hope all is well with you and your family.

I am Blaise Samake I currently hold the post as the Audit Account Manager of our bank in Ouagadougou Branch, Burkina-Faso. I got your contact from a reliable web directory. We can see actually that the world is a very small place to meet people but what matters most for me is to transact with a person with full trust. I have developed the trust on you after one week of fasting and praying. Due to the trust, I made up my mind to disclose this confidential business to you.

We are imposition to reclaim and inherit the sum of US$10, million without any trouble, from a dormant account which remains unclaimed since 7years the owner died. This is a U.S Dollar's account and the beneficiary died without trace of his family to claim the fund.

Upon my personal audit investigation into the details of the account, I find out that the deceased is from Atlanta America, which makes it possible for you as a foreigner no matter your country to lay claim on the balance as the Foreign Business Partner or Extended Relative to the deceased. Your integrity and trustworthiness will make us succeed without any risk. Please if you think that the amount is too much to be transferred into your account, you have the right to ask our bank to transfer the fund into your account bit by bit after approval or you double the account. Once this fund is transferred into your account, we will share the fund accordingly.

40%, for you,
40%, for me,
3%, had been mapped out for you for the expense you make in this transaction,
17%as a free will donation to charity and motherless babies homes in both our countries as sign of breakthrough and more blessings.

If you are interested to help without disappointment or breach of trust, reply with your full details,
1. YOUR FULL NAME:........
3. YOUR AGE:........
4. YOUR SEX:.........................
5. YOUR OCCUPATIONS:..........
7. YOUR PHOTO OR IDENTITY CARD:...............
so that I will guide you on the proper banking guidelines to follow for the claim. After the transfer, I will fly to your country for sharing according to our agreement.

Assurance: Note that this transaction will never in any way harm or foiled your good post or reputation in your country, because everything will follow legal process.

I am looking forward to hear from you soonest.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Blaise Samake 
1053. Email Scam: [G-Spam] CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Wed, 05 Jun 2013 00:32:34 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] CONGRATULATIONS!!! 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
P O Box 1010 Liverpool,


We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws of UNITED KINGDOM NATIONAL LOTTERY international Lottery programs. The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 21,000 names of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet, no tickets were sold. After this automated computer ballot, your name emerged as one of two winners in the category "A"

REF No: UKNL-L/200-26937 , SERIAL No: S/N-00168, LUCKY No: 887-13-865-37-10-83

You as well as the other winner are therefore to receive a cash prize of us$689,000(Six Hundred and Eighty Nine Thousand United States Dollars) each from the total payout. Your prize award has been insured with your email address. Your shall be made by our paying Bank, HSBC Bank upon meeting our requirements, statutory obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory report. To begin the claims processing of your prize winnings you are advised the Bank officer in charge of all lotto winning for category "A" winners with the information below:

Your full name
Your full address
Your country
Your direct telephone contact
Copy of your identification
Your age, sex and marital status
Occupation & Position

Remember to quote your reference information in all correspondence. You are to keep all lotto information away from the general public especially your reference and ticket numbers. (This is important as a case of double claims will not be entertained). Anybody under the age of 15 and members of the affiliate agencies are automatically not allowed to participate in this program. Please note; You are hereby advice to send the assign payment officer details below for Processing of your Claims;

Congratulations once more from our members of staff and thank you for being part of our promotional program.

Mr. Alex Goodwil
Email: alexgoodwill@rocketmail.com 
1054. Email Scam: [G-Spam] IMPORTANT - Update Online Access
Wed, 05 Jun 2013 00:32:33 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] IMPORTANT - Update Online Access 
Sender IP: 
personal & business account

Dear Customer

We believe that Invention of security measures is the best way to beat online fraud.

Halifax Bank PLC have employed some industrial leading models to start performing an extra security check with Your Online Banking Activities to ensure a safe and secure Online Banking.

You are requested to follow the provided steps and Update Your Online Banking details, for the safety of Your Accounts, by downloading the attached form and follow the instructions on your screen. If you choose to ignore our request, you leave us no choice but to temporary suspend your account.

Thanks you for your patience as we work together to protect your account.

Halifax plc.
Registered in England No.2367076.
Registered Office: Trinity Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX1 2RG.

Halifax site is intended for UK residents unless otherwise stated. Halifax plc, Halifax Investment Fund Managers Limited, Halifax Life Limited and Halifax Share Dealing Limited and St Andrew's Life Assurance plc are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. They are entered in the Financial Services Authority's Register and their Register Numbers are 106048, 119223, 171881 and 183332 and 189101. This is an English language site, all contracts will be in the English language only. Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved. Halifax plc, Registered in England No. 2367076. Registered Office: Trinity Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 2RG. For optimal viewing of this site you will need Macromedia Flash version 5 and IE 6 or above. 
1055. Email Scam: [G-Spam] RE: WORLD BANK DELEGATE
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:57:00 +0800
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
4th Floor, 5 Great Cumberland Street Place, London UK
Tel: +447092986281
Web: www.worldbank.org


We are delegate from World Bank having your funds here in Bank of England. We are given 30 days to deliver your cheque of $3,000,000.00 million out from your telephone banking account. Can you come to our office to pickup your cheque to avoid you paying additional delivery DHL Fee.

We know you have spent so much on processing your funds, This is the reason why we want you to come to pickup your cheque to avoid paying any additional fee for the delivery of your cheque and file.

Write back soon for the release of your cheque.

Yours Faithfully,
Jameson J.Stanley 
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:56:59 +0800
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Dear Friend,

First, I must apologize in advance if the contents of this email do not meet with your
approval; I humbly crave your indulgence.

My name is Henry G Smith, I am a South African, an accountant by profession. I work
with one of the lottery companies in England, United Kingdom.

In my capacity as an accountant in my company am involved in the preparation and
approval of prizes ledgers to our lottery winners. I have been working with my company
for more than 10 years, highly experienced and acquainted with all the financial issues
about winnings, out payments and unclaimed winnings.

I am contacting you because we have loads of unclaimed lottery winnings in my company which I
would like to take as an opportunity to better my life, by repatriating some of the
unclaimed winning funds for myself, as I know that these funds will be cleared and
distributed to several sectors, including health, education and charitable causes at the
expiry date of claims, if the winner do not come forward to claim their prizes. I cannot
make claim to these unclaimed lottery winnings in my name because I work with these
lottery organisation is the reason that am contacting you to seek your consent to present
you as one of the Lucky winner, so that the proceeds of a winner can be paid to you as the
winner based on the information am going to pass on to you if we come to an agreement.

My proposal to you is simple and the reality of it can be read and verified on the yahoo news link below:

http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/-1-1bn-unclaimed -Lottery-yahoofinanceuk-52515852.html

If you have a good business plan, we can re-profile the claimed lottery winning funds on it
or share the funds in the following ratio: 50% for me, 50% for you out rightly.

I will assure you that all modalities for the successful conclusion of this transaction have
been put in place and it is 100% risk free. I shall ensure that all relevant information and
legal documents that may be needed to actualize this transaction will be provided. All I
require from you is your honest cooperation and keep the transaction top confidential, to
enable us succeed. I guarantee you that this will be executed under legitimate
arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. I would also need you bear
with me for not using my company's letter heading to contact you as it's a proposed
personal and confidential project between myself and you.

Please note that I am not just looking for anybody to do this with, but a reliable and
trustworthy person, based on the huge amount of money involved in this project.

If you wish to work with me, write back soon and if we can work together, I will give you a
detailed explanation on the project and how easy it's going to be for us to claim the
winning and how to begin.

Please reply me by email for now to give me your consent, and then I can provide my
personal telephone number to establish communication with you.

I expect your swift response.


Henry G Smith. 
1057. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Hello
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:56:58 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Hello 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Hello Friend,

I am Dr Issa Ahmed the bank manager unit of the foreign remittance, department BANK OF AFRICA Burkina ,I got your email address recommended du Burkina FASO business consultant and i decided to contact you for beneficiary and a 100% free business transaction. I am trusting this deal to you by faith and hope that you will handle it without any betrayed .In my department we discovered an abandoned sum of US $9.600.000 (Nine million six hundred thousand US dollars) In an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer who died along with his entire in 20TH of Feb 2002 in a accident car in Burkina Faso The Late Mrs Mariama Sahid, A citizen of Nationality of Kuwait and residence in Burkina Faso.

I agree with you to take 35% of this money will be for you and respect to the provision of a foreign account , 5% will be for expenses incurred during the business , 60% will be for us and my colleagues.

I suggest to hearing from you.

Yourxs faithfully
Dr Issa Ahmed1 xx x xx 
1058. Email Scam: [G-Spam] URGENT HELP
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:56:57 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] URGENT HELP 
Attachment:Urgent Help.png
Sender IP: 
With due respect, trust and humanity, I write to you this proposal, I found your contact while I was doing a private researching in the Internet for a reliable and capable foreign partner that will assist my family.


Mr. Peter Lebelo 
1059. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Re: Confidential proposal !!
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:51:26 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Re: Confidential proposal !! 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
TEL: +60 17 2950997

I am CHENG ALBERT TANG, a Malaysian lawyer. A deceased client of mine, that shares same last name with you,died as a result of a heart-related condition on March

12th 2007. His heart condition leading to his death was due to death of all members of his family in tsunami disaster in Sumatra, Indonesia.

I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over last 4 years now. You can reach me for more information as my late client left behind a deposit of $17,500,000.00 Million Dollars.

Best Regards,
Barr. Albert Cheng Esq, 
1060. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Consider this offer
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:51:25 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Consider this offer 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 

I am Ms.Arina Feodor, I have a business brief which might interest you on the instruction of a businessman in Moscow whose business interest spans crude oil refining, mining, construction, real estate and tourism.

Over the past years the policies of the Kremlin has not been favourable towards his business and more importantly towards his person who seem to have a different political view from that of the Kremlin. Without boring you with politics of Russia, I will go straight to the point to ask for your cooperation to discreetly re-profile funds worth Eighty Five million euro own by this business tycoon from its present location via a bank in eastern Europe to a new investment location.

You will be paid eight percent for your 'management consultancy fees',if we are able to reach terms. If you are interested, please write back to me at ( arinafd@dvaar.com ) and provide your telephone number and private e-mail address and i will provide further details.

Write back to me, i wait for your response.


Ms.Arina Feodor. 
1061. Email Scam: [G-Spam] ACH transfer declined
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:51:24 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] ACH transfer declined 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
The ACH transaction (ID: 461112847980), recently initiated from your bank account (by you or any other person), was canceled by the Electronic Payments Association.

Canceled transaction Transaction ID: 461112847980
Reason of rejection See details in the report below
Transaction Report report_461112847980.doc (Microsoft Word Document)

13450 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 100 Herndon, VA 20171 (703) 561-1100

© 2011 NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association 
1062. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Urgent;
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:51:23 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Urgent; 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 

My names are Paul Howard Prince, a Lawyer. I am based in the UK.

I have been a close friend and lawyer to Muammar Gaddafi the former president of Libya for 15 years. I have been waiting for this moment with great anguish, Gaddafi's death have caused me pains. He refused to heed my advice to vacate office when i asked him to do so, he was a very resolute man. Am greatly sorry for him and his family.

Gaddafi entrusted Millions of Dollars to me for safe keeping for him abroad, he called it "COMMANDER'S RESERVE" now that he is dead i need someone very reliable to act as the beneficiary of the funds, and as the lawyer in charge i will arrange all the legal documents making you the beneficiary/heir to the funds. I need you to also know that this transaction is highly confidential since nobody else knows about the funds aside me. Please treat this matter with the confidence it deserves. My intentions is to invest the funds in Real Estate/Motel/Hotel and Resort. Or in any other business/investment's interest's and concerns you may advice or suggest.

Please read the link for your perusal.

http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Commentary+Gadhafi +stolen+billions+stashed+London/4348914/story.html.

I need an experienced person like you to assist me in setting up, developing the project's, managing and assuming responsibility of ownership as chairman, but will be bringing in profit monthly or annually. I need you to know that this is very urgent now, with your consent i will send you more information.

Please contact me adding reliable telephone number to reach you on, to confirm your interest.

Paul H. Prince. Esq. 
1063. Email Scam: [G-Spam] PARTMERSHIP
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:51:22 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] PARTMERSHIP 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Dear Partner,

I am Mr. James Finn, 72year old From United State of American. The Formal Finance Director of JB Trucks Company, My company had business with BP where i made
$8.600,000 USD (Eight Million Six Hundred United state dollars) out of my company knowledge which i legally place this fund in International bank in
Malaysia, because of my illness and security in my country i can't direct this fund to my personal account rather i want you to assist me to receive this fund
into your account or company account.

The Bank is ready to dispatch it pending on when i present beneficiary. If you can help me in this transaction, i will compensate you with 30% of the total
amount and you will also get benefit from the investment" If there is any kind of agreement that you would like us to have, let me know so that i can start
working on for i would like this transaction to be concluded as quick as possible.

Thanks and best regards.

Mr. James Finn

JB Truck, 9012 S.
Oketo, Bridgeview, IL 60455,
TEL: +1888-522-4448
FAX: +1888-769-5640
1064. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Hello Dear Passionate,
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:15:40 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Hello Dear Passionate, 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Hello Dear Passionate,

How are you doing today, hope all is well with you. l am writing this email to you with hope that this email will meet you well as it's the will of God, I am Evana Thomps 21 years old and the only daughter of Mr Phuetrik Thomps an Internationally-known environmental activist, my Father was a well known politician in my country Somalia. Before the death of my mother on 15 July 2007.Though her sudden death was linked by her second bout of cancer. But God knows why,

Before the death of Father on 15th of July, He called me on his sick bed side in our home and told me that he left the sum of $4.5 Million USD United States Dollars). In one of the leading banks and the money was placed in a fixed deposit account.

He further told me that He deposited the money in my name, I am just 21 years old now and a university undergraduate studying, and l don't really know of what to do in business and now I want to invest this fund with a good honest man or woman for my future living under his care and control. This is because I have suffered a lot since l lost my beautiful Father.

The death of my Father actually brought sorrow to my life today. Please l want you to help me invest this my inherited money in any good lucrative moving business in your country. please consider my request for you to assist me invest my inheritance in your country and get back to me, please in view of our sensitive status and as we are still conscious of my father's enemies I would like you to give me this a highly confidential approach so we need your information such as,

1. Name in full: _____________________
2. Address: ___________________________
3 Nationality/state: _________________
4. Age: _______________________________
5. Occupation: ________________________
6. Telephone Number: __________________
7. Present Country: ___________________
8. Sex: _______________________________
9. Marital status: ____________________

Yours Faithful,
Evana Thomps 
1065. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Indicate Your Interest.
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:15:39 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Indicate Your Interest. 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
I am Mr.Vincent Cheng, GBS, JP Chairman of the Hong Kong and Shanghai BankingCorporation Limited. I have a business proposal of USD $10,500,000.00. Your earliest response to this letter will be appreciated, upon the confirmation of your response all further details and document will be issued to you.

Endeavour to let me know your decision rather than keep me waiting


Best Regards,
Mr.Vincent Cheng 
1066. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Re: Attn: Investment
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:15:38 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Re: Attn: Investment 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 

My name is Jacque Mabel wealth manager in West Africa. I have on my portfolio an West African investor who has a legitimate ambition of investing in all areas of the business in countries economically, politically stable and which the laws and regulations protect well as secure foreign investment. And through that channel I come respectfully request a straight forward Honest and provider of collaboration with any project through profitable of all the activities in the private sector. Would you accept with our collaboration I am offering you an opportunity?

Do you have recommendations for us? We are therefore willing to finance any private enterprise answering the following criteria:

-1 The investment of our money in the a beneficial activity.

-2 the safeguarding by common profit If those criteria enumerated above meets your perfectly sincerely membership, I would be delighted of knowing your immediately
decision. Information relating to your activity, your experiences occupational regarding any business.

For more details of understanding please give me your telephone number direct in your response order to be able contact you.

We look forward to hear from you soon.

Best wishes!
Jacque Mabel
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:15:37 +0800
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
>From Mr. Zaheya E. Attar
Emirate Bank of Dubai (NBD)
United Arab Emirates
Private Email:(mrzaheya63@gmail.com)

Greetings from Dubai,

This message might meet you in (utmost surprise) however; it's just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction.

I am a banker by profession from United Arab Emirates and currently holding the post of Director Auditing Manager and Accounting unit of the bank.

I have the opportunity of transferring the left over funds (USD$10,000.00)Ten Million Dollars our bank deceased customer late Richard Burson, who died on (Egypt Air Flight 990) along with his family on a plane crash below:( http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/502503.stm)

Hence I am inviting you for a business deal where this money can be shared between us in the ratio of 60/40 as a matter of fact that these deal is executed before our nest audit.

If you agree to my business proposal, further details of the transfer will be forwarded to you as soon as I receive your return mail with your following details to my private email.(mrzaheya63@gmail.com)

(1) Your Valid Direct Tel/ Mobile/Fax Number.
(2) Your Full Name:
(3) Current Resident Address.
(4) Your Private E-mail Address.
(5) Your Occupation:
(6) Your Age and Sex:
(7) Your Nationality:



>From Mr. Zaheya E. Attar 
1068. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Greetings!From I am Mrs Edilyn M Padilla.
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:15:36 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Greetings!From I am Mrs Edilyn M Padilla. 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 

I am Mrs Edilyn M Padilla , Director Credit & Marketing, Philippine National Bank, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City Philippines 1300. I handle all our Investor's Direct Capital Funds and secretly extract 1.2% Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) per annum on each of the Investor's Capital Funds. As an expert, I have made $9Million from Investor's EMRCP and hereby looking for someone to trust who will stand as an Investor to receive the funds as Tenure Investment Proceeds.

Brief history of funds: I have more than 208 Corporate Investors attached to my portfolio whose Capital Investment Funds are being managed and administered by me. This Capital Investment Funds has a value of over US$19.2Billion net. The US$19.2B is been used for trading in Stock Market, Crude Oil and Lending with Profit Returns. Every end of year, each corporate investor is expected to receive interest from his total Investment Capital Funds. However, I make an excess of 1.2% from the Investor's Investment Capital Funds annually which have exceeded our targeted 20% of Total Investment Capital Funds. This extra of 1.2% from the 21.2% is been retained by me as my personal profits for managing the Capital Investment. However, I cannot claim these funds without presenting someone to stand as an Investor otherwise our establishment will convert the funds into the company's treasury. This is why I have come to you for the deal to take place.

This is a fair deal without any risk attached either on your part or on my part as long as we comply with the laws governing the claiming of funds in our establishment. I do not want you to come down to sign the Investor's Funds Release Order because you cannot defend the source of the funds during the signing as our remittance department may decide to ask you some salient questions which you may not answer correctly thereby jeopardizing the transaction. Therefore you will inform our establishment that you will not be able to come down for the signing. I will work with an attorney.

to perfect all arrangements in your favour and the funds will be paid to you for our own use.

Send to me your full names, address and Tel, so that the attorney can start putting together the necessary paperwork that would facilitate the release of the money to you.
Please reply via my Private Email:mrsedilyn@aol.com.

Kind regards,
Mrs Edilyn M Padilla. 
1069. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Refrence Numbers: 86147516
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:21:03 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Refrence Numbers: 86147516 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
My associate has helped me to send your first payment of $7500 USD to you as instructed by the Malaysian Government and Mr. David Cameron the United Kingdom prime minister after the last G20 meeting that was held in Malaysia, making you one of the beneficiaries.Here is the information below.

Refrence Numbers: 86147516
Sender Name Is = Patrick Lee Chun

I told him to keep sending you $7500 USD twice a week until the FULL payment of ($820000.00 United State Dollars) is completed.

A certificate will be made to change the Receivers Name to your name as stated by the Malaysian Government,reconfirm your {1}Full Names {2}address {3}Mobile Number via Email to:info@allandavis.co.cc Allan Davis to proceed.

Note: You cannot pickup the money until the certificate is obtained by you.

Mr. Allan Davis.
Tel: +(60)169276823.

For more info: www.g20.org 
1070. Email Scam: [G-Spam] £1,000.000.00 pounds a
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:21:02 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] £1,000.000.00 pounds a 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Provide below datas for claim of your £1,000,000.00 Pounds Prize

Full Name:

Contact us via

Dr. Jerry Brown
E-mail: londoncricket@shqiptar.eu
Tel: +447017045164 
1071. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Coca-Cola December 2011 Winning Notification
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:21:01 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Coca-Cola December 2011 Winning Notification 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Dear Valued Customer,

Your email address has been confirmed winner of the One Million United States Dollars in the December 2011 Coca-Cola Promo. Respond for more information.
Ensure that you include your reference # YQ-KY-07-BK and contact phone number in your email response to our claims office.

Note: All details should be forwarded to our claims office via email , also contact your Regional Claims Office Tel: 315 290 3711
as soon as you send your winning details to our claims office email address.

Promo Office.

Always Coca-cola.

Copyright © 1994-2011 Coca-cola. All rights reserved. Terms of Service 
1072. Email Scam: [G-Spam] IMPORTANT MESSAGE.
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:21:00 +0800
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
From Mr.Musa Mohamed Ali
Professional Accounting / Auditing.
BP 0112 Ouaga- Burkina-Faso
Mobile N°: +22676990490
E-mail: musamohamed.ali1@gmail.com

I am Mr.Musa Mohamed Ali. The Director In Charge Of Auditing and Accounting Section of Bank of Africa (B.O.A) Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso West Africa. I am writing to request your assistance to transfer the sum of $15.Million (Fifteen Million, United States dollars) into your accounts
. The above sum belongs to our deceased customer late Mr. Frederic Aaron who died along with his entire family in the Benin auto crash 2004 and since then the fund has been in a suspense account.

After my further investigation, I discovered that Mr. Frederic Aaron died with his next of kin and according to the laws and constitution guiding this banking institution, it states that after the expiration of (7) seven years, if no body or person comes for the claim as the next of kin, the fund will be transferred to national treasury as unclaimed fund. Because of the static of this transaction I want you to stand as the next of kin so that our bank will accord you the recognition and have the fund transferred to your account.

The total sum will be shared as follows: 60% for me, 40% for you and all incidental expenses that may occur during the transfer process will be incurred by both of us. The transfer is risk free on both sides hence you will follow my instructions till the fund get to your account. More detailed information's with the official application form will be forwarded to you to explain more comprehensively what is required of you. Trusting to hear from you immediately and please kindly give me a call +22676990490 and send me your information's below.

Your Full Name........................
Your Sex.............................
Your Age..............................
Your Country..........................
Passport / driving license............
Marital Status.........................
Your Occupation.......................
Your Personal Mobile Number...........
Your Personal Fax Number...............

Mr.Musa Mohamed Ali.
Call me immediately you receive this message.
1073. Email Scam: [G-Spam] Investment Finance,
Sun, 02 Jun 2013 00:20:59 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] Investment Finance, 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Dear Sir,

We are seeking the attention of investors, project owners and general business facilitators. Mubadala development company (Mubadala),is a project development and investment organization based in Abu dhabi - UAE. At the core of our strategy, Mubadala makes long term capital intensive investments to deliver strong financial returns and economic diversification.

Mubadala focuses on number of areas in which it has developed significant competitive advantage,including acquisitions, aerospace/aviation, telecommunication, technology, energy,industry, healthcare, infrastructure, real estate, hospitality and service ventures.

Mubadala Development Company (Mubadala) is a catalyst for the economic diversification of Abu Dhabi. Established and owned by the Government of UAE, the organization's strategy is built on the management of Long-term, capital-intensive investments that deliver strong financial returns and tangible social benefits for the Emirate.

Mubadala brings together and manages a multi-billion dollar portfolio of local, regional and international investments, which we wish to re-invest through project funding in investment loan to third party investors, project owners and general business facilitators on a 3.5% interest rate per annum on long term investment projects that can generate up to 10% ROI within the period.

We invite all interested project owners and investors - UAE or non- UAE to contact the undersigned for further information on procedures for consideration.

Welcome to Mubadala's World of investment opportunities.

Sincere regards,

Khaldoon Khalifa Almubarak
CEO and Managing Director.(Mubadala)
Mubadala Development Company
P.O Box 45005,
Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
website: www.mubadala.ae 
1074. Email Scam: [G-Spam] BUSINESS OFFER_URGENT//
Sat, 01 Jun 2013 00:48:11 +0800
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Dear business partner,

My name is Mr. T. M. Wong, a worker at Wing Hang Bank, Hong Kong, i was actually responsible for special transfers (one of the accountants working directly under Director of Operations).

A estimated amount of 68,000,000.00 (sixty eight million USD) is available for investment purposes and i need your business partnership to make it a success, you will be rewarded with 20% of this sum for your support. Please do not be alarmed due to the huge amount involved, extreme care has been taken by myself and my client (owner of the fund) to make sure proper documents are available explain the source of the funds. All the necessary information about the source of the fund, my personal info and attachment to the fund will be given in my reply once you reply.

This fund is available for real estate, loans, construction, oil businesses etc, you have to state which business field you know that will be of great benefit to the funds and how long it will take for us to make good profit from the investments so my legal aid stated below will be able to access your business ideas before we can proceed.

Reply to the e-mail below with the following information so i can give all the required information concerning this transaction.


Please send your details to my e-mail below,

PRIVATE: mwongtik@yahoo.com.hk

This is the safest way to reach me at the moment, I cannot speak any English, my legal aid stated below can, i will give you more information when you reply. Your immediate reply will be appreciated.

If your e-mail is not replied immediately please send the same e-mail to the legal aid representing me by e-mail, call him for more information, he speaks good English and an expert in European laws, he will be able to assist you in everyway possible. This fund is presently in Europe, hence the reason i have an expert in European law represent me.

NAME: Dr Jansen Brinks
E-mail: dr.jansenbrinks@live.hk
Tel: +852 8120 9545
Fax: +852 3017 6963
Hong Kong

Best regards,
Mr. T. M. Wong 
1075. Email Scam: [G-Spam] URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED
Sat, 01 Jun 2013 00:48:10 +0800
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Dear Friend,

This is of utmost secrecy. With the Libyan leader, most of his loyalists and Abu Bakr Yunis Jabr, former Libyan defence minister and current head of ousted dictator Muammar Gaddafi's armed forces,have been reportedly killed by the soldiers of the National transitional council (NTC) over a heavy gun battle in Sirte.

Abu Bakr Yunis Jabr was heavily connected to the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and during the 42 years of Gaddafi regime,he made enormous wealth.Abu Bakr Yunis Jabr made a fixed deposit of $25,500,000.00 Million United States Dollars in my bank branch and he died with his entire family during a heavy gun battle leaving behind no next of kin, am ready to share 50/50 with you if you choose to stand as my deceased client next of kin.

Please if you are interested and willing to work as my partner to this transaction I advice you indicate by sending the following below to show your interest.

1.Your full names
2.Your resident address
3.Your Occupation
4.Your phone number
5.Date of birth
6.Country of resident

Your response with the requested information should be sent to reach me at my personal email address:Email Contact: zchang71@yahoo.com.hk, if only you are interested.

Yours Truly,
Chang Zhang 
Sat, 01 Jun 2013 00:48:09 +0800
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
>From Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc
From: Mr. Frank Nkemakolam
Address. Plot 84 Ajose Adeogun Street . Lagos , Nigeria .
Phone Number: +2348034886018
E-mail: atmpaycenter_zenith919@w.cn

Attention: Beneficiary

This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract inheritance file presently on my desk, and I found out that you have not received your payment due to your lack of co-operation and not fulfilling the obligations giving to you in respect to your contract /inheritance payment.

Secondly, you are hereby advice to stop dealing with some non-officials in the bank as this is an illegal act and will have to stop if you so wish to receive your payment immediately. After the board meeting held at our headquarters, we have resolved in finding a solution to your problem, and as you may know, we have arranged your payment through our SWIFT CARD PAYMENT CENTRE in Europe, America and Asia Pacific, which is then instruction given by our Mr.President,Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR) .

This card centre will send you an ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw your money in an ATM MACHINE in any part of the world, but the maximum is ($15,000.00) Fifteen Thousand Us Dollars per transaction. So, if you like to receive your fund this way, $15,000 usd for you to withdraw for a day and each transaction is $ 5,000usd minimum which you have to withdraw
$15,000 usd for one working day also be informed that the total amount in the SWIFT ATM CARD is $5 Million usd.

(1) Your Full Name :
(2) Your Address where you want the payment centre to send your ATM CARD.:
(3) Phone And Fax Number :
(4) Age and Occupation :
(5) Your Nearest International Air Port in your City of residence:

We shall be expecting to receive your information you have to stop any further communication with anybody or office. On this regards, do not hesitate to contact me for more details and direction, and also please do update me with any new development.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Best Regards.

Phone Number: +2348034886018
Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc.
Director ATM SWIFT CARD Department
1077. Email Scam: [G-Spam] TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
Sat, 01 Jun 2013 00:48:08 +0800
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Dear Beloved,

This letter may come to you as a surprise due to the fact that we have not yet met. Firstly, I have to say that I have no intentions of causing you any pain. My name is Mr. Ryan George, a European merchant. I have been diagnosed with Prostate and Esophageal cancer that was discovered very late due to lack of caring for my health. It has defiled all form of medicine and right now, I have only about a few months to live according to medical experts. I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for anyone not even myself but my business.Though I am very rich, I was never generous, I was always hostile to people and only focus on my business as that was the only thing I cared for. But now I regret all this as I now know that there is more to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the world.

I use to say to my self that if God should give me a second chance I would live differently from how I have lived. I was meditating on my hospital bed and something told me that God is giving me a second chance by keeping me alive though doctors said I wonxxxt last long. I know my time is near, thatxxxs why I have willed and given most of my properties and assets to my immediate and extended family members as well as some few close friends.So far, I have been able to give alms to a few charity organizations in the U.A.E, London, Sudan, Zimbabwe I gave donations to the Global Fund for Children, GCF and I met two people over the internet that have successfully distributed my funds to charity organizations in their country. Now my health is deteriorating so badly, I really need you to help me distribute the last of my fortune. I want this to be one of the last good deeds I do on earth.

You might be wondering why I did not pick my close relatives for this task, but I once asked members of my family to close one of my accounts and donate the money there to a charity organization in Bulgaria. They closed the account but refused to donate the money to the organization, but instead shared the money amongst themselves. From the way they are acting around me, something tells me they want me dead so they can split my last remaining assets and money. Hence, I do not trust them anymore, as they seem not to be content with what I have left for them.

The last of my money which is a huge cash deposit that I have with a security firm will be put in your care if only you will agree and are capable of seeing this through. I want you to help me collect this deposit and dispatched it to charity organizations of your choice and let them know that it is I Mr. Ryan George that is making this generous donation. I am writing this from my laptop computer in my hospital bed where I wait for my time to come. I pray for you to support and assist me with a good heart. I hope we can build a relationship based on trust because I want to do this by all means possible before I die.But the choice is yours Please you can contact me through this email address: ryan.george@live.com

Be blessed my beloved,

Mr. Ryan George 
Sat, 01 Jun 2013 00:48:07 +0800
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Coca Cola Prize Redemption Center 20
EMAIL: cokeuk50@hotmail.com

We are happy to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws held on the (15th july, 2011) by Coca-Cola Bottling Company in conjunction with the British American Tobacco Worldwide Promotion, your email was among the 10 Lucky winners who won £500,000.00 GBP each on THE COCA COLA COMPANY PROMOTION.

However the results were released on the (3th november, 2011) and your email was attached to ticket number (7PWYZ2006) and ballot number (BT:12052006/20) The online draws was conducted by a random selection of email addresses from an exclusive list of 29,031 E-mail addresses of individuals and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet.

However, no tickets were sold but all email addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy.

The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection machine (TOPAZ) from a database of over 10 email addresses drawn from all the continents of the world.

This Promo is approved by the British Gaming Board and also Licensed b y the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).This Promo is the 4th of its kind and we intend to sensitize the public.

In other to claim your £500,000.00 GBP prize winning, which has been deposited with a registered UK bank. However, you will have to fill the form below and send it to the Promotion manager of THE COCA COLA COMPANY for verification and then you will be directed to the UK bank where a Cash of £500,000.00 GBP has already been deposited in your favour Please you are advic e to complete the form and send it immediately to our Promotion manager through email for prompt collection of your fund from the designated.

1, Names in full:...............................
2, Country of Residence:.................
3, Nationality:.....................................
4, Residential Address:....................
5, Date of Birth/Age:........................
6, Marital Status/Se x:.......................
7, Telephone /Fax No:........................
8, Mobile No:.......................................
9, Occupation:.....................................
10,Company name:.............................
11,Email Address................................

DR. Harry Mark,
Email: cokeuk50@hotmail.com
Tell: +447010041649
Tel: +447010041649
A Subsidiary of coco-cola company

You are to keep all your winning information away from the general public especially your ticket number and ballot number. (This is important as a case of double claims will not be entertained).*Staff of Coca-Cola and the British American Tobacco Company are not to partake in this Promotion.

Follow Rediff Deal ho jaye!
to get exciting offers in your city everyday. 
1079. Email Scam: [G-Spam] May God be with you.
Wed, 29 May 2013 00:42:40 +0800
Subject:[G-Spam] May God be with you. 
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Good day,

I am Mr. Wang HongZhang, Chief Disciplinary Officer, People's Bank of China (PBC).
I got your email contact via the internet (Google search) and decided to contact you. I have an
interesting/profitable business proposal of US$24.5million and this will be of immense benefit to
both of us if only you are interested. Before the U.S and Iraqi war, a client of Bank of China,
Mr. Khazeal Hamood Hasaab a Merchant, made a numbered fixed deposit valued at $24,500,000.00
(Twenty Four million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars), for 18 calendar months, at Bank
of China, Tower Branch, 1 Garden Road Hong Kong. Upon maturity several notices were sent to him,
even during the war which began in 2003. Again, after the war another notification was sent, but still
no response came from him. It was later found out that Mr Khazeal Hamood Hasaab, his wife and two
sons had been killed during the war (Basra).

After further investigation, it was also discovered that Mr Khazeal did not declare any next of kin in his
official papers, including the paperwork of his bank deposit. He also confided, in the Chief Risk Officer,
Bank of China (BOCHK), that no one knew of his deposit in the bank. According to the laws of my country,
at the expiration of 6years such funds are reverted to the Peoples Bank of China (PBC), where it will be
deposited in the reserve of the Government, if nobody applies to claim it. Due to the fact that the fund
has been in the bank for more than five years, provisions are being made for it to be reverted to my
Bank (PBC). When the case was presented at my desk, I contacted the risk officer (BOCHK), who is a
good friend of mine and gathered all the information that I have presented to you. Against this backdrop,
I will like you, as a foreigner, to stand as next of kin to Khazeal Hamood Hasaab, so that we can receive
his funds.

I will like to know if you will be interested in this project please. I will make more details available to
you on receipt of a positive response from you.

My official lines and email address are not secure as they are periodically monitored to assess our
level of customer care in line with our Total Quality Management Policy, do contact me only at my private
email address: wangongzhang10@yahoo.co.jp

Kind Regards,

Mr. Wang Hongzhang. 
1080. Email Scam: [G-Spam] AWAITING RESPONSE
Wed, 29 May 2013 00:42:39 +0800
Attachment:(No attachment)
Sender IP: 
Attention :Sir ,
Greetings.I am Muhamad Sheikh,a consultant and presently based in Togo and solicit your co-operation for a transaction involving the transfer of funds to your nominated bank account in relation to 16.5 Million USD coupled with 25Kg of Gold presently with a finance institution and was deposited by my late client,Mr W.Roland in the year 2010.

Your co-operation will entail me preparing relevant documents making you the next-of-kin legally with scientific precision to the finance institution and assure you of the confidentiality and security.

Upon your positive response,I will send you proofs for your perusal and appeal for your support to crown this transaction a success.For your understanding,co-operation and assistance,I am ready to offer you 30% of the total and thank you in anticipation.

Mr Muhamad Sheikh 

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Cleaning of Browser Hijacker: about:blank in Internet Explorer

When you launch the Internet Explorer, does the URL keep going to 'about:blank' and the browser shows links or popup windows of V*iagra or p*orn site?

If you are experiencing this, then your computer may have been infected with some kind of browser hijacker or adware.

General steps to fix it:

  • Install free AVG antivirus to remove most worms & malware.
  • Run CWSshredder to clean off eluded malware.

A) Install AVG Anti-virus

AVG anti-virus may work better than some known anti-virus softwares. At the moment, it is FREE for home use. Download is by email registration.

Steps to donwload and install:

  1. Go to URL http://free.avg.com/freeweb.php/lng/us/doc/2/tpl/v5

  2. Scroll to bottom of page & click on the link "avg70free_???????.exe" where the ??????? denotes the version number.

  3. Select "Save this program to disk" when prompted. The filesize is about 7Mb which takes about 7 minutes for a 56K modem to download.

  4. Optionally, if you need the user guide, download it from http://free.grisoft.cz/softw/70free/doc/avg_free_reference_en_70_9.pdf (PDF 924KB)

  5. Run the downloaded program by double-clicking the saved program from step 3.

  6. Follow the prompt to complete the installation.

  7. After restart, if any virus is detected, click "HEAL" to remove it.

B) Run CWSshredder

Run this special tool to clean Coolwebsearch or SmartSearch browser hijack.

You may download CWShredder from the following mirror sites:

  1. Majorgeeks.com - latest version, click a download location.

  2. SoftPedia.com - latest version, click on the 'Download' button on the right.

  3. http://www.lurkhere.com/~nicefiles/CWShredLast.exe ver

  4. Local copy of cwshredder.exe - ver 1.59.1, last choice if the above links are blocked. Size is 149,504 bytes.


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