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LogoGeroMail is dedicated to offer low-cost Email and Website hosting solutions to individuals, family, groups, home business and small business.

GeroMail is formed under the vision of Newlook Marketing on 11-Nov-2004. We have become the obvious choice of Internet hosting for home businesses and small businesses.

Authorized Reseller for AVG Anti-virus

GeroMail's value chain is in its low-cost yet professional email solutions, affordable to everyone.

Complementing to web hosting and to protect the users' computers, GeroMail is also an authorized reseller for AVG Antivirus solution. See AVG certificate (pdf 326kb).

More details of sources, prevention, symptoms, checking and cleaning of viruses are available at


Company Profile

Legal Name of Company:   Newlook Marketing
Name of Business: GeroMail
Company Registration: 52973742J
Place Of Registration:Singapore
Business Address: Newlook Marketing
My SingPost Box 880159
Singapore 919191
Company Website:
Email Address:
Enquiry Hotline: +65 9827 5723
Operating Hours: 7 days a week, 10am to 10pm

Our Values

Affordable to everyone. GeroMail offers various affordable web/email hosting plans. You can have your own personalized email address (eg. and website ( for only $3 a month. No setup fee and no transfer fee.

Antivirus Protection. Complementing to hosting, protect your working PC with AVG antivirus. GeroMail is the authorized AVG reseller for the full range of AVG antivirus solotions.

Feature-packed hosting. We offer low cost solution does not mean we will be giving you less. Your hosting will have the following major features which may not be available with some major ISP:

  • Professional looking web-based email access.
  • Web-based email administration to create new email accounts (not available for individual plan).
  • Virus filter
  • Spam filter
  • No traffic quota

Value-added service. GeroMail will handle all aspects of hosting setup to relieve users of the technicality of email hosting and website hosting. This free service applies to all plans, from individual plan to small business plan.

Comprehensive hosting plans. GeroMail offers comprehensive email hosting plans to suit every requirement, with plans ranging from individual, group and family to home business and small business.

Display currency. We offer 23 major display currencies, updated daily. In this way, shoppers can easily compare our prices with other offers.

Privacy. We will not disclose, share, transfer, sell or rent personally identifiable information to any third party. See our Privacy policy.

Our Basic Roles

Operating online is not without its investment and expected roles.

Dedicated servers. We use dedicated server to host the domain emails and websites. We are ready to expand our hardware when we see signs of drop in access performance.

Update virus filter. We continually update our server antivirus definition files to prevent new virus/worms from reach your mailbox.

Update spam filter. We continually update our server spam filter, to minimize spam mails from filling up your inbox.

Fraudulent purchases. We need to keep a look out for purchases using stolen credit cards. When a fraudulent purchase is reported, GeroMail is obliged under the contract with our Payment gateway companies to pay back the card holder the full purchase amount plus a $15 administration fee.

Enquiry. We spend lots of time answering enquiry. You may call our hotline +65.9827-5723 should you encounter problems in the course of using our service.


Concerns of Online Shopping

GeroMail understands the fear and frustrations of online payment. Following are our resolution and assurance on these major issues:

  1. Security - In the unlikely event that anything happened with your credit card transaction, we would assume all liability. We'd work with your card company to cover any cost and minimize whatever hassle for you. Our commitment in this regard is total and unconditional. It's Guaranteed! See our Information Security Policy.
  2. Privacy - We need your email address for communication purposes, all other information are optional. We do not prompt or save your Credit Card details. We do not sell user information for profits. We do not disclose your information to a third party, unless required by Law or by some central auditing bodies. See our Privacy Policy.
  3. Retyping - To minimize retyping for the shoppers, GeroMail will save certain information for the shoppers:

    Typewriter a. Display currency and country of shipment will be automatically saved for future sessions.

    b. Name, Email address and delivery address will be 'remembered' during your shopping session. You may optionally save this profile information for future retrieval.;

Our Business Policies

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. 30-days Moneyback Guarantee
  3. Service Termination
  4. Refunds Policy
  5. Terms of Sales
  6. Information Security Policy
  7. Disclaimer

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