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About AVG Antivirus Solution

Authorized Reseller for AVG Anti-virus

AVG Technologies CZ has a comprehensive AVG Antivirus solution to cater for various operating systems and languages.

Are you plagued by virus infection? Here's a solution for you, depending on your configuration:

  1. Home Security

    Ideal integrated protection for your home and small office workstations (not servers):

  2. Business Security

    Comprehensive protection for your office workstations and servers:

See a comparison of all AVG antivirus solution.

AVG Anti-Virus Compatibility Chart

If you can't find your OS (e.g. WebTV, Macintosh) or program, it means that AVG is NOT COMPATIBLE with it.

Windows 2000  
Windows XP  
Windows XP Pro x64  
Windows Vista  
Windows Vista x64  
Windows NT Server 4.0    
Windows 2000 server
Windows 2003 Server
Windows 2003 Server x64
Linux i386  
MS Share Point Server   
Exchange Server 5.x  
Exchange Server 02/03  
Exchange Server 07   
Kerio MailServer 5/6 Windows  
Kerio MailServer 5/6 Linux i386   
Lotus Domino Windows  
Lotus Domino Linux i386   

About AVG Antivirus

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AVG Antivirus are products of AVG Technologies with offices in Czech Republic, USA and UK. AVG Anti-Virus has been protecting computers around the world for more than 10 years! AVG Antivirus is currently used by more than 8 million users around the world.

AVG Reseller

GeroMail of Newlook Marketing is the authorized AVG Gold reseller for AVG Anti-virus software.

More details of sources, prevention, symptoms, checking and cleaning of viruses are available at

More about AVG Antivirus solution

See developer website for more details.

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Customer Testimonials

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