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Domain and Email Hosting Setup

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After you have placed on online order for our hosting services, we will send you an email notification that you domain webhosting is ready.

Here's the setup and configuration for using your domain hosting and email.

There are 2 essential areas requiring your attention, in order for the hosting to work:

A. Changing Name Servers
B. Creating Email Accounts for your users

*** Initial Setup ***

  1. Name Server

    Skip this step if you have registered your domain name through GeroMail; we will updated your name server settings for you (Advanced/Gold Hosting).

    For your website to be visible in the Internet, you need to change the following name server settings through the registrar (where you registered the domain name):

    SettingHost NameIP Number
    Primary name serverns1.geromail.com112.140.185.191
    Secondary name serverns8.geromail.com112.140.185.194

    Most registrars offer you a user account to login and change the name server records yourself. If your registrar does not offer this service, you may need to contact them to request name servers changes.

    Changes of name servers may take up to 2 hours to propagate to the Internet.

    This step MUST be completed in order for the remaining instructions to work.

  2. Creating Email Accounts for your users

    Once the name servers take effect, you may setup up your user email accounts.

    An email account has been setup for you to administer your user email accounts:

    You can administer your email accounts using any browser (web-based):

    Password:<FTP Password>

    Login to this email account to add and remove user email accounts.

    DO NOT REMOVE the email account

    Recommended additional email accounts for businesses are and

    See our online guide on using webadmin to administer user accounts.

*** Website Configuration ***

  1. Website

    Your website URL is:

    Diskspace available is 1Gb and above (depending on your hosting plan).

    There's a default page INDEX.HTM on the website. You may use it as a template or change it entirely.

  2. Website Update (FTP)

    You may use FTP program to update your website.
    Password:<FTP Password>

    The following folders have been created on the hosting server:

    Database folder:/db
    Upload :/upload
  3. Website Update (Browser)

    At times, you may want to share some documents that are overly large to be send by email. You can upload your document to the web server with any browser:
    • Open your browser, click File, Open...
    • Type in your designated upload folder on the webserver:
    • Click to enable Open as Web Folder
    • Now the opened upload windows will operate like Windows Explorer. To upload files, simply drag files to this window. To delete, highlight a file and press the Del key.

*** Email Configuration ***

  1. Email Client

    Your default administrator email account is

    You can setup an email client (eg. Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Mail, etc.) to retrieve your email.

    After the user email accounts are setup, you may need to assist other users on the setting up of email clients.

    Our email hosting supports POP3 and IMAP protocol.

    POP3 (Post Office Protocol) Mail is the most common mail access protocol that allows your email client to download your email messages to your computer so that you can read them later without being connected to the Internet. This feature is especially important if your connection time is chargeable.

    POP3 mail works best for single computer offline access where messages are downloaded and then deleted from the mail server. This effectively ties the user to one computer for message storage and manipulation.

    POP3 Mail settings in a glance:

    Mail Server Type:POP3
    Incoming mail (POP3)
    Outgoing mail (SMTP)
    Password:<User Password>
    Server Authentication:Yes

    Note that server authentication is required for sending out emails. This is to prevent spammers from using your email server for spamming.

    See our online help on setting up common email clients:
  2. Webmail

    You can access your email from any computer with a browser and an Internet connection:
    Password:<User Password>

    See our online guide on using webmail.

    Users are advised to change their email password.

Terms and Conditions

  1. General

    This Agreement explains the terms and conditions governing your use of the products and/or services made available to you by GeroMail.

    GeroMail may terminate your account(s) at any time, without notice, for conduct that is in violation of this Agreement, or for conduct that GeroMail believes is harmful, unlawful or unethical to the business of GeroMail or its customers and/or users.

    GeroMail reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time, effective upon posting of the modified Agreement to this URL:

    Singapore law shall govern any disputes arising out of the sale of any items referred to on this website.

  2. Products and Services

    Products and/or Services are provided on the basis of service, facility and equipment availability. GeroMail reserves the right not to provide one or more services where necessary facilities, equipment or services are not available for any reason whatsoever.

  3. Web Hosting

    Users found using the website to host scams, hate messages, racist message or viral scripts will have their hosting services terminated and banned from future engagement of our services.

  4. Email

    GeroMail reserves the rights to restrict the volume of messages transmitted or received by you in order to maintain the quality of our email services to other members.

    Users found using the email account to send out unsolicited mails or receive spam mail replies will have their hosting services terminated and banned from future engaging of our services.


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