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Webmail is a powerful feature that allows users to send and receive email via the Internet using any web browsers. You merely require a web browser to access your email at airport, cybercafe, remote office, friend's home computer or even McDonald's Internet Kiosk with Internet connection.

If you are receiving lots of virus-infected emails and spams and are using slow modem connection, you can login to your webmail to remove these unwanted emails first before using your email client to retrieve the remaining emails from the server.

Professional-looking WebMail

Geromail hosting services employ a specially customized ads-free professional-looking corporate WebMail interface.

Take a look at our Corporate Web Mail Login page and a snapshot of the webmail interface.

You can also add or delete email accounts using the WebAdmin client.

All user email account are POP3 type, ie., you can also retrieve your email via email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc. See Setup Email - POP3 Mail.

WebMail Settings

WebMail settings in a glance:

Browser URL

where is your personalized domain name.

Features of WebMail

Typical features of the WebMail that every email client offers:

Special features that only WebMail are capable of:

  • Change passwords
  • POP Retrieval, eg. from hotmail
  • redirect to another email address
  • Setup auto responses, eg. Out-of-Office automatic replies, newsletter, ezine, etc.
  • Support for various character set (Big5, etc.)
  • Timezone selection
  • Custom skins, and easy development of a custom interface
  • Manage folders on email server
  • Create email group to represent a list of email addresses eg. set an email to and all email address contain in that group will receive a copy of the email message.
  • Create a email List similar to a group but lists are subscription based, can be moderated, and can have headers and footers applied to them. eg. create a list where the public can subscribe and unsubscribe, post message to all members, all works on auto-pilot.

Making WebMail your homepage

You can make the webmail your homepage by setting this URL as the startpage of your browser:

This setting will permits anyone who can access your computer browser to be able to read your emails. Use this technique for email accounts like and where it will be good for anyone to notice urgent emails that the administrator may have overlooked.

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